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"Thrillist New York" Ranks Ruedathon Best Event in NYC for Watching Cuban Salsa Dancing and Fuákata Dance NY Best Dance School in NYC for Learning Cuban Salsa Dance


About Ruedathon

Launched in 2013 and held the last weekend of September each year, Ruedathon is an annual Cuban dance and endurance event, during which Casineros from around the world gather in New York City to dance Rueda de Casino through all five boroughs, tracing a path similar to that of the New York City Marathon. 


About Rueda de Casino

Rueda de Casino is a form of popular dance that originated in Cuba in the 1950s and has now spread across the world. When dancing Rueda, multiple dancers act as an integrated and synchronized group, moving in a circular direction and exchanging partners throughout the dance rather than dancing with a single partner. Every Rueda has at least one “cantante” who is responsible for calling or signaling to the other dancers what moves to do next, and the entire group then does each move in unison. 


Event Highlights

Three days.

Four parties.

Five boroughs.

26.2 flashmobs.

Are you up to the challenge?

No upcoming events.

2019 Pricing

A full weekend of partying in NYC for just $50 when you buy in advance!

  • Ruedathon Kick Off Party & Concert with Timbalive!  $30 in advance
  • Fuákata /Ruedathon Cuban Dance Social,  $20  in advance;
  • Ruedathon 2019 Grand Finale Rooftop Party, NO COVER CHARGE; 
  • Participation in flash mobs throughout the weekend, FREE.

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