Danielle’s Daily Tips & Tricks

Each day during the run up to Ruedathon, Organizer Danielle "Dee"/“Delirous” Oakry leaves a tip on the Ruedathon Facebook Group page with important information and hacks to help you prepare for and manage Ruedathon.  Her tips compiled are below, as well as a couple other important announcements that were made along the way.


Tip No. 1 (09/27/18) 

Timeliness. Yes, this a Cuban event and weekend, however, we cannot operate on Cuban time. We have a schedule and specific times where we need to be throughout the weekend. That being said, please be on time at the starting points. We have left people in the past, and although we don't want to leave anyone behind, we will leave you (ask Monte).  If you get left behind, lost your group and/or group leader, or just have a tenancy to ALWAYS be late, please see Tip #2.

Tip No. 2 (09/26/18) 

How to find us along the route. We have people jumping in and out of Ruedathon all the time, so don't be worried. You will notice where some stops are more popular than others. Here is what you do.

(A)  Pull up the route and know where we plan to be each day and time. (We TRY to stick to this)

(B)  On Friday we will have a tracker on a few of the committee members. This link will be on the Ruedathon.com website. We may try to put on the fb page too. This link tracks us, so you will know where we are.

(C)  Please check this page. Typically one of the committee members makes a post... "Leaving Yankee Stadium and headed to Rockefeller Center"

Now here's how you find us. If you see that post and then look at the GPS, go to the stop AFTER yes AFTER Rockefeller Center, which in this case this year is Time Square. I say go to the following spot after the next stop listed so you will NOT miss us. It is important, because many people have missed us.

Also, often times we are changing the next stop on the fly because of things that are happening in the city. So please pay attention to the fb messages. Our goal is not to lose you. We want to provide you as much information as possible. Between the tracker and updates you should be able to find us.

DO NOT MESSAGE ANY OF US DIRECTLY DURING RUEDATHON. You will be ignored. We cannot have many side conversations about anything. The committee needs to be focused, make quick decisions, make updates, and save our phone batteries. Please do not be offended, but I have warned you. All said with love.

Tip No. 3  (09/25/18)  

MTA cards.  This post has a lot of good information so please pay attention.


(A)  Use your same card from a previous year if you have it.  The cards are $1.  If it's expired, don't worry the machine will give you another when you attempt to load money or time on them for free.  Don't toss them.

(B)  If you are doing the entire Ruedathon  (26.2 Ruedas and 4 parties) you will swipe 17 times and at $2.75 a swipe that's $46.75 (I included coming and going swipes)

(C)  I suggest if you are doing the entire weekend and/or staying a few days before or after get a weekly unlimited card for $32.00.  When you leave you can keep or give it to a New Yorker or keep it for next year.  The money does not expire if card does. (For money cards not unlimited cards)

(D)  I am going to post directions from airports in comments below .... using MTA

(E)  Friday = 4 swipes = $11.00

(F)  Saturday = 9 swipes = $24.75

(G)  Sunday = 4 swipes = $11.00

(H)  Get your MTA card before Ruedathon.  You will hold us all up if you don't.  You may have to forgo a spot to dance if you don't.

(I)  All of us will help those not familiar on how to use and swipe throughout the day.

(J)  The unlimited card is valid on all MTA subways and busses but does not work for NYC Ferry,  NYC Water Taxi, New  Jersey Transit, the Long Island Railroad, Metro North, or JFK' s AirTrain (AirTrain is $5 each way).

(K)  With the unlimited cards you can swipe/travel on the subway and buses 24/7 for 7 days.

(L)  MTA operates 24/7.  Although weekends are CRAZY!

(M)  Although it is unlimited, you can only swipe at a specific site every 18 mins.  Meaning, if two people are trying to use one card, that won't work.  You need to wait 18 mins per swipe at the SAME station.  However, you can  swipe from train to train to train to bus with no issue.

(N)  Buy your card before Ruedathon!

Tip No. 4 (09/24/18)

This tip will be spoken about until next year. Always does. I suggest everyone go back read all the previous tips. It is important to be informed and be an active and positive ambassador for Ruedathon. However once you begin to work your way through 26.2 Ruedas and 4 parties, you will notice how and exactly WHO has not read or pay attention to anything. It will be obviously clear. When you hear it, just say BACCHANAL.... and stretch it out when you say it BAC-CHA-NAL. Do not explain why you’re saying it. It's our inside joke. Guarantee there will be more than one. Guaranteed. (Jejejejeje) Have fun with it....

Tip No. 5 (09/23/18) 

Ladies Leaders. Yes, NY like other cities outside of Cuba, lack male leaders. That being said, YES, we need you. Yes, there will be several ladies leading and calling. If you are in the NY area, today is our last outdoor session for practice at LIC. Come join and get your practice on. If not, please check the website for the calls, so that you feel comfortable leading those moves. Lady leaders, please identify yourselves below. If you see a particular Rueda along the route that needs more leaders, please take the lead. HOWEVER! Here is the real tip. We ladies are PHENOMENAL, and with that being said, a lady may be leading for one Rueda and following the next. Yes, there is a lot of flipping going on. LOL... (You have been warned)

EDITOR’S NOTE (from MG, 09/23/18)

FYI/Clarification: Some Casineros know how to and love to dance in the Rueda, and some do not. Ruedathon's flash mobs are all about the Rueda, but our parties and events are not. So regardless whether you know how to or desire to dance Rueda, come to the parties and events!  A full schedule of Ruedathon parties and events can be found at https://ruedathon.com/2018-route-and-schedule

Tip No. 6 (09/22/18) 

Ruedathon route etiquette and courtesy. If you have to use the restroom, if you need to take medication, if you need to change your shoes or shirt, or if any particular spot is in your top 10 must take a picture/selfie/video (Emarlos & Stacey) spot. DO IT WHILE THE RUEDA IS HAPPENING. Meaning you will have to forgo dancing at that stop to take the views in or take care of personal business. If you do this after the Rueda your causing EVERYONE to wait on you; thus delaying the schedule. In addition, you are in jeopardy of getting left behind (it happens). Please be mindful of the stop, your needs, and your wants as it pertains to the entire group.

Tip No. 7 (09/21/18) 

The route is subject to change. HOWEVER, please go to ruedathon.com and make yourself familiar with the plan so that you know the general area where we plan to be dancing. Please note that Ruedathon is 26.2 non-permitted flash mob Ruedas throughout New York City, strategically nestled in between some awesome dance breaks and parties. That being said, due to train schedules, weather, police and/or police activity, we have and do change the schedule at a moment’s notice. The committee has planned and anticipated for all potential situations and although we have potentials in mind, we simply don't know if and when they will be needed. Each day we will have group leaders and those leaders will make the decision based off of the environment. That being said, PLEASE DO NOT ASK WHERE WE ARE TO GOING NEXT. We will update THIS fb page as to where we are heading to next (there will be a tip just for this in the coming days).

Tip No. 8 (09/20/18) 

Don't bring a huge water bottle to carry along with you (especially Saturday) the weight makes a difference. You can buy $1 water along the way. If you have a refillable, cool, but water bottles weigh you down. If you are not from NY or don't know the subway system well, you will be given a group leader. DON'T WORRY. However, download the MTA map to your phone prior to coming (in case service is spotty)

Bathrooms - We will let you know the best bathrooms along the route (however there is another tip to speak to this). You can Google best public bathrooms in New York City. Interesting read, but we got you. Now if you have a bladder issue, please pay attention to the stops and bathroom announcements.

EDITOR’S NOTE (from MG, 09/20/18)

Every year we get requests from participants to call Ruedas and/or that we play a particular song. Below is the information from our website's FAQs that speaks to both questions. (https://ruedathon.com/faqs). If you are interested in calling and/or have a favorite song, drop a comment below or shoot a message to one of the organizers. We make no promises, but we will do our best to accommodate as many requests as possible.

SEE FAQs (last updated 2015)

Tip No. 9 (09/19/18) 

Tag all your videos and pictures on fb and IG with #Ruedathon2018. We are calling all photographers and videographers!!!! We need you. We have some great ones in our community. If you have friends coming or meeting you along the route. Hashtag it.... people that we have met along the way have used the hashtag method so we can all see them. Let's capture the moment. #Ruedathon2018

EDITOR’S NOTE (from MG, 09/19/18)

New Yorkers - If you are able to host an out of town guest for all or part of Ruedathon weekend, please join the Ruedathon Housing Swap FB Group and leave a post about (1) where you live (2) how many people you can host (3) whether the offer is open to any gender or just to a particular gender, and (4) any other pertinent information (like if you have eight cats, or sleepwalk at night, etc.). You can join the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1229727670376681/

Tip No. 10 (09/18/18) 

If you are a caller please make sure you identify yourself to the committee. We may possibly put you on the callers schedule. It is best we know as soon as possible. We try to pick songs and callers for each stop prior to Ruedathon to streamline as much as possible. Go to Ruedathon.com to review the moves prior to. Hand signals with calls are ideal, especially in our larger Ruedas.

Tip No. 11 (09/17/18) 

STRETCH!!!!!! I am back on self-care. It is important to start stretching now if you plan on doing the entire weekend’s list of activities. If you do not practice yoga, you might want to adopt a small hatha or stretch program now until Ruedathon. You will find yourself stretching out along the route, this is a good thing. Remember, self-care is important! STRETCH it out today Casineros....

Tip No.12 (09/16/18) 

New Leaders... (Not Level 1) - New leaders who live in the NY area come out on Sundays at LIC to get your practice on. Practices are posted as an event on our page. If you are not in NY, and you are a leader, please go to the Ruedathon website and take a look at the calls. If you have questions about how we call certain things, post it below. We know everyone does it different. (( Side note, although RUEDATHON is "THEE SWITERLAND" of Cuban Salsa/Casino/Cuban Culture of events, we are discouraging leaders to join who are not comfortable past a level 2/3. See the calls and determine your comfort level. We LOVE and welcome everyone, HOWEVER if you can't dame dos or Arriba quickly you may not be ready for Ruedathon. Come to the parties, but wait until next year before you dive into the deep end.))

Tip No. 13 (09/15/18) 

Beware of inflammation! Self-care is important. I am a huge fan of turmeric, however you can use ibuprofen. Walking and dancing on concrete for 3 days will work your knees, legs, and feet. I suggest you learn how make Turmeric Tea/Golden Milk.... days prior to Ruedathon, and then bring pills with you along the route. If not bring your ibuprofen. Inflammation is real with Ruedathon!!!!!

Tip No 14 (09/18/28)

Pack light and be comfortable. Now that Ruedathon has moved to a three day model instead of a 1 day model, it is actually easier on the body, however you still need to prepare accordingly. Get a small, and I mean small draw string backpack. Wear compression garments for Saturday (socks and such) as if you were doing a marathon. Sunscreen, metro card, money, wet wipes, medication, extra shirt if you sweat a lot, poncho or umbrella, and small jacket and scarf. We get 50/50 on weather (it could be warm, great, or freezing cold). So who knows? Just don't be like our GI Joe Tom Hirzel who walks around the NYC with full military gear on. YOU WON'T MAKE IT. Be wise. On some of our stops we will need to leave our bags on to dance so remember this and pack light and comfortable. You can buy $1 bottle water at the hot dog stands along the way.

Tip No.16 (09/12/18)  

Out of towners.... Finalize where you are staying now. New York is a city with very little space. It is important to lock it down NOW. Convenient areas: Downtown Brooklyn, Financial District Manhattan, Hell’s Kitchen, Ft Green and Clinton Hills BK. Check Airbnb and hotels in these areas. We also have a housing share program... However... you will most likely have to split up. Most people cannot accommodate more than 2 people. 1 only most likely... (Remember, majority of us live in small spaces)

Tip No. 17 (09/11/18)

Ruedathon Tips - we are 17 days away. Get ready!!!!! Tip #17 - Buy your t-shirt. Shipping can take a long time. Go to Ruedathon.com to find link to purchase your shirt if you wanted one. Please note, you can get shirts from previous years.


Please remember to read the daily tips. These tips will address EVERYTHING you need to know. If it's not mentioned it is not that important or critical.