About Us


Our Mission

Ruedathon is committed to promoting, expanding,  and contributing to Cuban music, dance, and culture in New York City and around the world.  To accomplish its mission, Ruedathon hosts events, most notably the annual New York City Ruedathon, and collaborates with individuals and groups who are committed to building inclusive communities of people brought together through a shared love for Cuban music and dance.


Our History

In 2013 a couple dozen New York City Casineros organized and carried out The First Annual New York City Ruedathon, a one-day-long dance and endurance event, during which a group of Casineros danced Rueda de Casino flashmobs throughout all five boroughs of New York City, following a path similar to that of the New York City Marathon.  The event's original tagline was, "One day, five boroughs, 26.2 dances."

The NYC Ruedathon  has grown each year, now attracting hundreds of Casineros from around the United States and around the world who participate in flashmobs, parties, and other activities over the course of three days. Ruedathon has become an international phenomenon, with Casineros throughout Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean now organizing and hosting  their own annual Ruedathons. 


Mini Documentary

(video courtesy of Tony Hdez)