Ruedathon Survival Guide for Out of Towners

Getting Around New York City

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New York is a fairly easy city to navigate, so as long as you have access to a train, no matter where you are in the five boroughs you will have no problem connecting with the group. That said, each day of Ruedathon begins in Manhattan, so you will have easy access to just about everything if you stay in a hotel  or Air BnB in the midtown area.   You might also consider the Hotel Indigo or Sheraton Brooklyn New York Hotel, both of which are located on the same block as this year's Grande Finale Party.  Finally, if you are looking to save money, feeling adventurous, and not too particular about your accommodations, you may have luck finding an NYC-based Ruedathoner who is willing to house you through the Ruedathon Housing Swap. 


The following trains will let you off close to dance stops. These aren't the only trains that will get you to each stop, just the closest. So if you start late or get separated you can ask a local for directions to the listed train, and when you get above ground find another friendly local to point you toward the dance location.



Harriet Tubman Memorial Statue (9:15 pm):  A-B-C-D to 125th Street

Apollo Theater (9:35 pm):  A-B-C-D to 125th Street

Yankee Stadium (10:00 pm):  B-D-4 to 161 Street/Yankee Stadium

Rockefeller Center (11:00 pm):  B-D-F-M to 47-50/Rockefeller Center

Times Square (11:15 pm):  N-Q-R-S-1-2-3-7 to Times Square


Charles H. Revson Fountain (10:30 am):  A-C-B-D to 59 St/Columbus Circle or 2-3 to 66 St/Lincoln Center

Columbus Circle (10:45 am):  A-C-B-D to 59 St/Columbus Circle

Plaza Hotel/Grand Army Plaza (11:00 am):  E to 3d Ave/55th St. or N-R-W to 5 Ave/59th St.

Grand Central Terminal (11:30 am):  4-5-6-7 to Grand Central

Union Square (12:00 pm):  L-N-Q-R-W-4-5-6  to 14 Street/Union Square

Washington Square Park (12:15 pm):  A-B-C-D-E-F-M to W. 4th Street

Alamo Sculpture at Astor Place (12:30 pm):  R-W to 8 Street/NYU or 6 to Astor Place

Madison Square Park (1:00 pm):  R-W to 23 Street or 6 to 23 Street

Herald Square (1:15 pm):  B-D-F-M to 34 Street/Herald Square

New York Public Library/Bryant Park (1:30 pm):  B-D-F-M to 42 Street/Bryant Park or 7 to 5th Avenue

Hudson Park (3:30 pm):  7 to 34th Street/Hudson Yards

Gantry Plaza State Park (4:15 pm):  7 to Vernon-Jackson Ave.

Hunters Point South Park (4:30 pm):  7 to Vernon-Jackson Ave.


Staten Island Ferry (2:00 pm):  1 train to South Ferry; R-W to Whitehall; or 5 to Bowling Green 

Battery Park (3:45 pm):  1 to South Ferry;  R-W to Whitehall; or 5 to Bowling Green 

New York Stocks Exchange (4:00 pm):  A-C-J-Z-2-3-4-5 to Fulton Street or 2-3 to Wall Street

World Trade Center Oculus (4:15 pm):  E to Word Trade Center; A-C-J-Z-2-3-4-5 to Fulton Street; or R-W to Cortland

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (4:45 pm):  A-C to High Street or F to York Street